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 Linen By The Yard

The beauty of Irish & Belgian linen lies in its distinctive weave, crisp smooth feel, and rich sheen. It's natural good looks and enduring strength often makes linen part of many family heirlooms. Linen has always been considered a treasured addition to the home. From Venetian palaces of old to modern contemporary homes, linen is an ever present feature of interior design. It offers unusual durability combined with good stability and color fastness. Linen has many aspects and qualities that give a warm and personal touch to elaborate or simple interiors.

Linen is a symbol of coolness, and there is nothing to match the way it feels it breathes just like skin. In hot weather it absorbs moisture and excessive heat, and feels as light as a feather on the body. In cooler weather it retains body heat

Linen has always been synonymous with elegance and comfort, and always makes a fashion impact. The longer linen is worn and used, the more beautiful it becomes. This process of gradual enhancement is unique to linen. You can be sure that investing in linen will bring you great pleasure.

Irish Linen - Light Weight

This high quality light weight cambric linen is perfect for handkerchiefs, semi-sheer curtains, christening gowns, or other very fine heirloom sewing.

1000.35 White Linen 2.8 oz 35” Wide $30.00 p/y
1000.45 White Linen 2.8 oz 45” Wide $36.00 p/y
1200.45 White Linen 3.2 oz 45” Wide $36.00 p/y
1200.54 White Linen 3.2 oz 54" Wide $40.00 p/y
1200.60 White Linen 3.2 oz 60” Wide $45.00 p/y
Irish Linen - Light Weight

Belgian Linen Ecru Dyed Linen

Ecru Linen
2.8 oz
60” Wide
$42.00 p/y
1200.60 Ecru Linen 3.2 oz 60” Wide
$45.00 p/y

Irish Linen - Medium WeightIrish Linen - Medium Weight

This beautiful Irish linen makes up for table & bed linens, shirts & blouses, decorative pillows, café & tailored curtains. Available in navy, raw natural, and white.

1388.60 White Linen 5.7 oz 60" Wide $45.00 p/y

Belgian Linen - Medium Weight

This linen is a bit lighter in weight than our Irish linen, but is just as beautiful and good for table linen, shirts & blouses, decorative pillows, café & tailored curtains. Available in white linen only.

1140.36 White Linen 4.6 oz 36” Wide $36.00 p/y
1140.54 White Linen 4.6 oz 54” Wide $40.00 p/y
1140.71 White Linen 4.6 oz 71” Wide $55.00 p/y

Irish Linen - Heavy Weight

This heavy weight linen is beautiful with a lovely sheen or patina to it. It is a very bright white and makes up well for your decorating needs. Curtains, table runners, accessory pillows, valances, powder room towels, all would look very beautiful in our heavy Irish linen.

1422.60 White Linen 7.0 oz 60" Wide $55.00 p/y

Natural Raw LinenNatural Raw Linen

There is nothing quite as beautiful in a very natural & simple way as decorating or dressing in natural raw linen. This is the state of flax before it is bleached out to either ecru, off white or bright white.

Natural Raw Irish Linen – Light Weight

1000.60 Natural 2.8 oz 60” Wide $40.00 p/y
1200.60 Natural 3.2 oz 60” Wide $45.00 p/y

Natural Raw Belgian Linen – Medium Weight

1380.60 Natural 5.75 oz 60” Wide $45.00 p/y

Natural Raw Belgian Linen – Heavy Weight

357.60 Natural 7.0 oz 60” Wide $45.00 p/y

Natural Oatmeal LinenNatural Oatmeal Linen

Just as the name suggests, this natural linen looks just like oatmeal. It makes lovely decorative pillows, runners, placemats, valances & curtains. Also would make up into a great blazer or suit.

Natural Oatmeal Belgian Linen – Heavy Weight

1514.54 Oatmeal 7.0 oz 60” Wide $45.00 p/y

Free Consultation Services Available

We are always available with professional consultations for all your orders. We can help you determine the cost of your project, the right amount of yardage needed, and can also provide a written quotation on custom designing services that can include embroidery design patterns and sewing services. All prices are quoted on an individual basis. Swatches are available by special request. All projects require prepayment in full when order is placed. When phoning, please leave your voice mail message with your name, phone number, where you are calling from, and the best time to reach you. We always return phone calls as promptly as possible. If you prefer to leave us an email, we likewise answer emails very promptly. For international inquiries, please consider faxing us your order. We will fax you back with complete prices, including shipping options.

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